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Tao-Touch for Gentlemen


With no other massage you will be able to immerge into your inner silence so deeply, hearing the sensual whisper of your whole being...


Tao massage derives from the ancient philosophy of Taoism, which believes in the power of sexuality as a healing and vitalising energy. It is important that our body is at ease and our energy can flow freely. Body, spirit and soul shall be experienced as one, letting us enjoy the magic of life. 

By touching your whole body with a lot of warm oil I will connect your masculine and female energies of Yin and Yang . With a clearly structured concept my hands will follow your meridians, enabling you to let go and relax completely. Integrating your lingam into these slow and meditative touches, every cell of your being will be awakened with life and sensual pleasure. Doors within yourself could open and lead you beyond everything you have known so far.

I whole-heartedly recommend you a Tao massage if you have already experienced tantric Bodywork and you are curious to discover new aspects of your body-flow and sexuality.
A Tao massage could also be inviting for those who have never yet enjoyed sensual bodywork and believe that a clearly defined structure could give them trust and support to embark on an unknown adventure.

There is nothing you have to do, achieve or be, apart from being totally yourself. Just be man at his best...